Are You Getting the Most Out of Your Insurance Agent In Arizona?

When is the last time you have looked at your insurance plans? If you live in Arizona you may want to take a look for a new insurance agent.

Most of us pick an person that a family member knows or they get a call from a company tell them that they have a better deal for you.

Personally I like Farmers. No, not the farmers that grow food. The ones that will help you out when something horrible happens to your property. I personally have experienced many different people that have offered up many different plans to take care of my car, home and my favorite motorcycle. Yes, I am a girl with a bike (look below). It took a while, but I found someone that is honest and is willing to listen and explain the different plans that would work best for you.

Gia Vine on motorcycle in desert.
My favorite past time! Got to love this picture. It was taken by one awesome dude.

Arizona is a great place to live and ride. I have always loved the desert and what it has to offer me. The sun just gives me everything I need to live a healthy life.

The Insurance Agent that I recommend and the reasons why.

Matt McPherson is the one guy that I recommend for everyone that lives in the Grand Canyon State. Matt is new to the industry, but he has dedicated himself to give people a great experience.

  • He will not sell you something you do not need.
  • He cares about your well being and wants to save you cash.
  • He knows a lot about insurance coverage
  • He loves Arizona!

Peanut Butter Pie – No Bake!

Now this stems back to a childhood obsession of mine back in Melbourne Florida. The other coast of Florida were originally from. There was a little place called pops. Casbah and they had a well kept secret peanut butter pie recipe so well kept that we can’t seem to find a real recipe for it today.

My mom sent me a recipe that supposedly is the original Pop’s casbah recipe. We were going to make that today and then we started reading it and we were like I don’t like it huh. I love peanut butter pie, but if you going to make peanut butter pie, it better have peanut butter in the pie. So today, we’re still going to make peanut butter pie, but we’re going to make it Brian’s way. That’s right, so I put together a simple recipe.

This is a no bake, refrigerator pie, there’s no cooking involved at all, so anybody can make this. This is great for the kids, whatever you want to do. The first thing you want to do is start with the crust. Now I decided to do a chocolate crust, not a crummy type thing, not a graham cracker style. This is a regular paste like pie, pastry crust with chocolate in it. Okay, so you’ve seen us do this crust before, but today we’re going to do a chocolate, and today I’m going to do it in the food processor just to make things a little bit.

Quick and easy now, I’m going to say this right now, if you don’t want to make the crust is okay, I do recommend you, try making your own, though okay, it’s just it. This is probably the most complicated part of the entire pie. Otherwise, you could put this together in literally five minutes. Of course, the article is going to take half an hour anyway. It’s just the way we are and one of the important things you need to remember when making a pastry pie crust.

Is that there’s science? That makes this happen? Yes, you will see some things that you will never see me do. I have notes – and I measured everything for two reasons: one consistency and two like she said it is actually science, you don’t want to add way too much butter or have way too much of this or the damage system doesn’t really work for baking. So well anyway. So what you need to make this pie crust is 150 grams of all-purpose flour.

Now you can use bread from if you really want to, but it’s got a lot of protein and it’s going to make a gummy purpose. Yeah I’ll come 50 grams of cocoa powder. This happens to be Hershey’s cocoa powder, but whatever you like, you can use bittersweet. You can use dark chocolate. I mean the more bitter you make the crust, the less the less sweet you make, the crust, the better the contrast between the sweet, peanut butter filling and the crust.

You don’t really want a sweet crust for this: okay, 50 grams of confectioner sugar – if you don’t have confectioner sugar, take regular white sugar, put it in your food processor and pulse it for about 30 to 40 seconds. Now you have confectioner sugar, the main difference. There is you’ll have a very fine grain sugar confectioner’s. Your actually has corn starch added to it so that it doesn’t stick together.

You will also need 1/2, a teaspoon of salt, I’m using kosher just because that’s what I like and we measured it out to weight of six grams. Yes, we’re doing everything in grams today and I’ll explain that in just a second you’re going to need 120 grams of cold butter, which we don’t have out yet because I want it to actually be cold. It is in the fridge. So for us, if that is one stick of butter, we took that stick, we cut it in fourths lengthways and then we cut it into cubes long ways.

We leave a cute little Bowl and stick that in the freezer right. So it’s getting very, very cold right now on purpose, there’s a good reason for it. The way this crust works is it forces the really cold fat with ice. All you need ice water too, and don’t just skin, don’t just put and put a couple ice cubes in there. It should be cold. This forces the fat into the flour in such a way that it forms a it, strengthens it and will hold together.

Okay, this, the only thing that you have to really do with this is get it together and put it in for like an hour and that that’s really it so, let’s just get started on it, so we need to butter alright. So we have our butter cubed. As we said put in a small bowl you’re going to do, take your flour dump it in carefully, so you don’t make a mess. No flour everywhere, take the sugar dump it in get all of it.

This is the stuff that you’ll be breathing it for like a week, cocoa powder salt. Now what I want to do is just most this time to combine what you’re creating powder everywhere. Yeah it’s going to happen. So at this point, all we have is a mixed up flowery mess that some of its in the air – even my lungs, now yeah 50. Now what we want to do is add in the butter which is nicely frozen together. Ideally, you want to break this up.

A little bit, but I’m showing you how foolproof this recipe actually is it’s really hard to mess up whatever put this in here my hand over it. What we’re doing is we’re looking for essentially the breadcrumb consistency. You’ve heard people talk about yeah, it’s still spitting out. Some some dust d’eryka, no matter what size who bought this thing all right now. My recipe calls for about 70 grams of ice water, which is probably half of this.

But what I actually want to do is start adding ice water through the little drip hole very slowly until it just comes together once I start, adding liquid I’m going to pulse it as little as possible. You do not want to overwork this dough. So just illustrate people who may not be aware this little part that you use to push things down in if you’re doing sugar with vegetables or whatnot has a little hole works wonderfully right there for distributing that liquid.

It’s used frequently like when we made the hummus. We could drizzle our olive oil in there to pretty muscle buying process, but we’re going to use that for the waters thing. So I’m just going to pour some in and start pulsing a nice Cuban it’ll stay cold, it’s dough! Now we take this off and then we get a zip top bag, probably mean a zip top bag for it. Let me explain the next stage in the crusts evolution is the chill chest as Elton Brown likes to say, and I stole that from him unabashedly.

So this mass is going to go into this bag with my third hand, yeah, please yeah and forth whoa alright, and I’m just going to scrape out the rest of this. I said it was easy. Didn’t say it was a message. I mean it’s cooking, you know it’s going to be a little miss. So if I get some more, whereas cooking is a full-contact sport, especially for me, but we don’t, we should have an accident coming. I die slice.

My foot open. You got most of it. What I want to do, get it all into the bottom here and you notice it’s just one big black mass, I’m not needing this. What I’m actually just doing is pushing it together. Now you know it’s good when it doesn’t crumble. How did you do this? Okay, it should be like brownie batter. Consistency is a good way to say it. Although it’s a lot, it’s actually even thicker than that, I’m just making it into one flattened mass.

The shape is relatively unimportant, but I’m doing this just for ease of rolling out later. You might see some big chunks of butter and stuff when you’re looking at it. Don’t worry, that’s okay, because what actually happens is as this. You know what before I talked put this in the fridge. So here’s how that crust works. What happens is everything’s cold now right so when we roll it out and we put it into the pie, pan, there’s chunks of butter in there you’ve seen pie, crust, they’re, all like kind of flaky and layering, and all that right.

Well, here’s how that happens. What happens is you have a layer of flour, layer, butter, layer, flower layer, butter, it’s kind of layered out that way and globules and whatever, as it starts to cook, that butter, which is made up of mostly water, turns to steam dissipates? All that’s left is a little bit of oil. That oil is now coating two sides of flour with a little gap in between, as that starts to cook it fries it just that little bit giving you a little bit of like a flaky crusty pie crust.

That’s exactly how that works so gives that a little bit of lift with nothing else in there for leavening and that’s how pie crust works. So the next step is to make whipped cream. Now you can buy whipped cream if they really want to it’s. Okay, I wanted to make our own, so what I got is ultra pasteurized, heavy whipping cream and it’s only ultra pasteurized cuz. I couldn’t find it any other way, so that’s pretty much how it comes.

There’s a lot of weird things that people say about this: most of them are probably true to some extent like you have to make the and copper you have to use yeah, they say a copper bowl is the only way to do it and the bowl should Be like frozen for three days before you start and cream of tarter should be added, and everything should be like almost freezing yeah. Guess what you take this you open it.

You pull the little thingy out that I can’t stand. You pour it into a bowl. Now this should be cold. Okay, like you came out of the fridge or something, but you don’t have to live in the Arctic to make whipped cream. You want to get it all out, stick stuff see, then I use a hand mixer. Can you put this in a stand? Mixer, yes, can you use a whisk and do it by hand yep done it that way too? All you do is start nice and slow.

So you don’t spray yourself and your loved ones and you just keep working it. No, I’m not going to bore you with the details of this. How do you know when you’re done? First, you can go like that and it really doesn’t move all that much see like it will fall out of there eventually and second, when it looks like whipped cream. You know it does sort of spray all over place and make a mess I’ll be honest, but YUM, okay, so we’re going to just put that to the side: don’t even worry about cleaning it out.

Yet I’m going to set this to the side, to what you have, though, is just basically a bunch of cream filled with air mashed together into one soluble mass. It took roughly four minutes of whipping yeah. It was nothing okay. What we do want to do now, though, is get all of our other ingredients into this bowl, which is our cream cheese. I’r going to use this to mix more later, confectioner sugar. You might be wondering why didn’t I put sugar into the whipped cream? Here’s? Why half of that whipped cream is actually going to go into the pie filling which has sugar already? The rest is going to go on top.

So just as we didn’t want to make an overly sweet crust, we don’t want it overly sweet, topping either contrast layers. They’re good things little dust and then our peanut butter use creamy chunky, probably won’t be as easy to work with. Then I’m going to take. Oh, they see freshly clean spatula and I’m just going to put like half the whipped cream in you want to leave enough. That you can put some topping on later, but the whipped cream in here helps to thin this up a bit.

So I’m just going to give this a little bit of a mix before I start because I just know that confectioner sugar wants to go flying all over the place and we already cleaned up from the heavy cream debacle. It spits it’s like a llama camels. Llamas lots of things spit now. I know we just spent all that time, putting air into that cream and now I’m just knocking it right back out. Well, yeah sort of still going to have the lightening effect that we want, but it’s okay to knock out.

Some of that air I’m just going to put that there, because I and we mix, don’t forget to scrape down the sides. It smells good. Doesn’t it I see me making this like we’re sitting there reading TV? Oh, I want to snack I’ll just whip this up. At 9 o’clock at night, I can see that happening. I do that with brownies. We should have a brownie episode, a little more mixing. It helps to whip it up a little bit to you were to putting some air into the mixture again all over.

As you can see, it’s thickening, okay, I’m going to call that filling Wow all right, so we’re done with these try to get as much off of them as I can I’m getting as much off as I can yeah yeah. I get one yeah you do next. We work on the crust okay, so we have our filling. We have our topping and we have our refrigerated crust. Note the firmness I did put some bench flour down first, so what I want to do is just get that kind of coated in in some flour.

A little bit not too bad just that I cannot work with it here. I’r really good at cooking, not so good at cleaning up, then I’m going to roll it out and you want to roll it out to roughly the size of your cake. Now I have this plastic scraper, because I can already feel where it starts to stick, and you want to just kind of flip it over try to keep it more or less the same thickness. All around this dough probably is enough to make three pies just so you know generally it’s my recipe for when I make a top and bottom, but it’s okay, maybe we’ll just make an extra thing across it’ll, be awesome if you’re wondering why I’m excited chocolate, peanut Butter and banana are three of my favorite things, so all I need to do is put banana slices on top of this pie and it would probably be my favorite thing right.

I not it so. Here’s our pie, pan, it’s not really enough for three pies. It’s really just enough for one: it’s okay! You could make this a lot thinner, all right, I’m going thick this time! Why? Because I feel like it. It’s really not that thick though, but it’s starting to stick. That’s where you want to get your scraper under there and make sure it doesn’t all right now. This is shortcrust pastry, which is actually really easy to work with, believe it or not, and doesn’t usually stick too badly until it starts to melt.

But what you want to do to transport is wrap it over this and I’m just going to scrape it off the board here and drop it into my pan. Now, once I have it in here, I wan na kind of lay it in the pan so that I can press it on the sides, be really careful. If you have the fingernails cuz, you can puncture it just kind of deal like this and you’re stretching it ever so slightly into that pan just to fill the corners.

You don’t want any little gaps kind of down a touch. Then I take my scraper and go along the outside and cut it. That is a good pick for us, but because it’s chocolate and if they did well, then they just don’t get pie. Oh no. The crust is too thick no way for you yeah. I love that no pie for you. That should be a t-shirt now this. What can you do with this? You can make another pie. You could prove yeah you can make.

You could probably make really good cookies out of that. To be honest, she’s she’s, not wrong. Okay, so got a pie crust now. Is this a no-bake pie crust? I hadn’t actually considered that we’re going to bake this pie, crust now at 350 degrees for probably about 15-20 minutes when it starts looking like it’s done, it’s done so what I want to do is grab a fork and what I’m going to do is dock this. What that means is just poke a bunch of holes in so it doesn’t rise.

You can put the beans thing in it and all that kind of stuff. If you want to I’m just going to dock it if it rises a little bit, I’m actually. Okay with that so we’ll see once that’s baked, so I lied. I said in the beginning, there was no cooking well, there is no cooking if you already have a pie, shell done sort of kind of, because usually those need to be big too, but really it’s not baking or cooking.

You just need to put this in an oven at 350. For would we do 20 minutes. I think so. Yeah 20 minutes, let it cool, so you can touch it right now. This stuff is the filling. This is our peanut butter, goopy, goodness, I’m just going to pour it right into the pick. The pie – shell, nothing complex here right, but you want to get it all because you know stuff and then make it pretty or at least make it even.

You will notice that my pie, shell shrunk a little bit as I blind baked it, but you know what we have whipped cream for that huh you’ll see what I mean in a minute. No one will know, except for the everybody out there reading all right. I was trying to not have so much left on the spoon because I’m going to have to lick the spoon right now. Oh my god, that is good everybody. So to distract you from derecho licking the spoon I’m going to put whipped topping you can totally do it, I don’t care, so this is just the rest of the whipped cream from earlier I’m going to spread that out now I could have put this in the Fridge first and did the whipped cream later, but yeah I like living dangerously.

This will make it just a touch harder, because I have to be more careful because you don’t want to mix it together. You could also be really fancy and put it in a piping bag and pipe it and pretty decorations, but you could I’m not going to taste any different. I know you see you eat with your eyes as much as your mouth, but you know what I eat with like. You can also decorate this with chocolate chips, peanuts.

You could even do Nana slices banana slices little mini Reese’s, peanut butter cups again, make it pretty or cover it. I have never claimed to be a cake artist as a type of person and I’m proving that right now, although I think I did okay just going to give this a little cleanup here, so the spray nun ceremoniously takes a spatula in his mouth. What that’s? How you make a peanut butter pot, you have any questions on how that was done, not the spatula in the mouth thing.

That was easy, just put it, but if you have any questions on anything that we did in here feel free to ask in the comments we tend to get back to them within just a few hours. If you liked this article, give us a give us a thumbs up if you like what we’re up to subscribe to our blog, if you want to, and if you do a little bell icon that way you get notified every time we make a new article. Meantime, though, thanks for reading guys have a great day eat some pie that rhymes with bye-bye.

So this has been in the fridge actually for a couple of days because we took it over to Savion Benz, but we thought hey, there’s a little left, so we cut two pieces of equal dignity and decided to taste it on camera in front of you. So we’re going to eat pie and tell you how good it is and before anyone gives me any guff, I said big piece or small piece. She said small piece I did. I opted for the big piece, so, as you can see, we have our chocolate cocoa.

Crusts that Bryan handmade it came out to be very cookie, like kind of reminiscent of an Oreo yep. We have our hand whipped cream, topping machine whipped. Oh right, we homemade homemade, whipped, topping and then the peanut butter filling now, because this was a no bake cream. Cheese based filling it ended up having a flavor profile, more romantic, all the cheesecake of cheesecake than what I was envisioning grape or popular pie um, but it is definitely peanut butter and it is definitely part young.

That’s all. There was a second end of the article. I would put bananas in this just kidding, but is he the only thing missing from this dessert is Benina, so this actually came out really really nice. It’s a super easy pie, even if you’re, not a baker, if you don’t bake anything, if you don’t cook, you could make this. If you have to buy the crust, it’s okay, trying to make it yourself, though it’s really not that hard doesn’t take long.

You can totally do it by hand if you don’t have a food processor, it just takes a little bit longer. The trick is don’t over, need it. So it’s not bread, you don’t want to knead it. You just want it to come together and then you roll it out and that’s it, keep it cold biggest thing. In summary, you can see it was pretty easy to make it’s delicious even days old and even though she says it’s cheesecake, who cares what it’s called? It’s good yeah, but do they need to read us they’ve readed, all this, the last two bites.

Alright, alright guys, thanks for reading, have a great day, Burbank



Paleo Snacks – Emerald Bay Fruit and Nut Mix By A Former Diabetic

But before that I want to share with you my story about Who I am so. We can get to know each other better, i’m currently diabetes, free and I had a weight. I’r happy with I’ve lowered my a1c level to the point. I have no longer diabetic and I was able to stop medication, but it wasn’t always like that in the past.

In fact, I used to really struggle with my diabetes and weight. In four years. I lost a total of seven and a half pounds doing vegan Weight, Watchers gluten-free you name it I most likely did it. My diabetes was so bad. My doctor kept telling me that I get vision, loss, nerve damage and kidney disease. If I didn’t change, but then I discovered the Paleo diet. I wish I learned about it before I got sick and gained a lot of weight.

It wasn’t until a colleague at work told me that his neighbor had success with it that I started. I decided to give it a shot, as I had nothing to lose. I finally discovered how to control my diabetes, lose the excess weight and keep it off after. I used the simple recipes in the paleo diet. I was able to go from a depressed overweight diabetic to a normal diet, penes free, enjoyable life. I’r now able to go to the gym three to four days a week with incredible stamina.

Not only that, it feels amazing no longer having to take medication. The following recipe is the exact 1 i’ve been using in my diet for the last two years. My wish is that it helps you achieve your goal like it did for me now on to the recipe the Emerald Bay, fruit and nut mix, ingredients, half cup of walnuts, half cup of pecans, half cup of almonds, half cup of medjool dates, chopped and half cup Of raisins, half cup of fresh elf apples, cord and cut into small pieces, two tablespoons of lemon juice and 1 teaspoon of cinnamon instructions combine all nuts and fruits in a large, serving bowl and mix in the lemon juice and cinnamon.

And that’s the recipe of the day. If you enjoyed this article, then like the article and subscribe to my blog, if you’d like to learn more about the Paleo, so you can experience improved sugar control and weight loss, then click the link below the article, take action and go check it out. Again. Click the link below take action and go check out the page there



Three Noodles With Chilli Peanut Dressing Recipe

This book is part of an Eevee ghen. Fitness bundle worth over nine hundred dollars, which is on sale for just $ 49 until the seventh of July link below it’s really rather good. I mean our book is even in it. This recipe serves to. Let me introduce you to the fellas for the bowl.

You need some needles. I’ve gone for four blocks of brown rice, noodles, 280 grams of tofu leader cause yet to carrots, 1/2, a teaspoon of ginger powder and then in the proper recipe it says: 3 tablespoons of liquid aminos. We don’t have those! So I’m going to go with 2 tablespoons of soy sauce for the dressing. You need 50 mils of water, 1 tablespoon of maple syrup, the juice of one lime; 60 grams of peanut butter, 1 teaspoon of chili flakes 1 clove of garlic, 1 small piece of ginger and in the firket says, to use 3 tablespoons of liquid aminos.

We don’t have Liquid Amino, so we’re going with 2 tablespoons of soy sauce. I get a feeling of the HRV pre-heat, your oven to 180 degrees Celsius, prepare your noodles at the soy sauce and ginger powder through a bowl and mix cube your tofu add the tofu into the bowl of the marinade and combine well place the tofu onto a Baking tray lined with parchment paper and bake for 25 to 30 minutes until golden and crispy rinse, the noodles with cold water and set aside spiralize your vegetable, a juice, your line, there’s a lot of him mince the garlic and ginger mix, all the dressing ingredients together In a mixing Cup or by hand, add your three different noodles into a mixing bowl, pour in your dressing and mix well and you’re ready to plate up.

I decorated mine with fresh coriander, chili flakes and a slice of lime. I’r excited to give this a try. As you kind of expect, there is a mad amount of flavor going on in there that is so delicious, so yeah. As I said, this bundle is on sale only till the seventh of July. There’s a lot of recipe books, but there’s also training guides yoga course. Like a article course really good one a bit about mental health and also about mindset and productivity, it’s an excellent bundle and you know get it while you can and now click this



Low Karb Keto Nut Granola Review

What’s up family, I’m reaching I’m Joe, and we are two crazy kiba’s. If you’re new, to our blog, welcome here on two crazy kiddos, we do different things like recipe articles, we do product reviews, we talk about various keto topics and then every Monday we sit down on the couch for keto on the couch.

We just kind of talk about what’s going on in our lives for the week, you can find us in different social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, and we also have a website which is too crazy. Iquitos comments you’re going to find all of your different recipes. Now we do upload at least five new articles every single week, so make sure you subscribe to our blog and don’t forget to hit the little bell icon in that way.

Every single time we upload your new article you’ll be alerted to it yeah. So today we’re going to review another breakfast option. This is a granola icky, doughnut granola from a company called low carb, with a k’ yeah, of course, because it’s keto with a gap um and there’s a lot. I mean we say the word another, but I’m actually really excited that more and more of these companies are entering the marketplace with a keto community in mind, yes, and because there’s so many, I like the fact that we have a chance to kind of review it And tell you like: what’s the best deal, is it tasty before you go out and purchase it yourself, yeah, because a lot of the products that are on the open market that can be go to the store, the granolas? I always liked granola.

The problem with them is, they usually have chocolate chips in them. They usually have loads of sugar, and the base of granola is really good. Keto stuff things like nuts and stuff, like that, it’s funny anything that has to do with like camping and hiking those those like trail treats, are not created. Equally right, like you, can get beef jerky and there is such a range of what beef jerky is and it’s the same with granola.

So like you know just because someone says granola like it’s kind of like when someone says learning toy. You know that that spectrum is is huge right. What you consider to be like a granola, a good, healthy granola. I mean you’re thinking wow. This is going to help me keep fit, but with a lot of junk in it, it’s not going to help you yeah. So this company low-carb actually reached out to us on Instagram, so we did not pay for that.

I just want to fully disclose we didn’t pay for this, but they asked if we’d be interested in reviewing it and he said a screenshot of the ingredient label and I was really excited because I mean these are some of the cleanest ingredients that I’ve seen in Any of the keto granola is out there. So let’s go over the nutrition first, like I said it’s low, carb, keto granola. This is the cinnamon almond pecan flavor.

They actually have a couple different flavors, which we’ll go over in a minute. On the back of says, great for keto diabetic, paleo, low-carb and then lchf diet, which is low, carb high fat diets. Okay, so it says for low carb, keto diet, add almond milk or coconut milk to nut granola for regular yeast. You can add milk and enjoy as a healthy breakfast cereal, and it says other great ways to enjoy, enjoy it as a snack right out of the bag, which is what we would normally do absolutely add.

Some fruits and berries soaked for 30 minutes in yogurt and then enjoy as a nut, Musil yeah, so they have wise little car better. It says as past ketogenic diet errs. We understand how hard it is to find a fulfilling nutritious breakfast. That’s why we created Lokar with the goal to create products that give you all of the deliciousness, while keeping you rockin on your low-carb diet, yeah, because there I mean there is a big need for like diversity in breakfast.

Yes, we’re so used to only eating eggs and bacon and maybe a keto waffle or keto pancakes, or something like that. So it’s nice to have some options: yeah, okay! So, let’s go over the ingredients in this sliced almonds, sunflower, seeds, pumpkin seeds, coconut chips which is made with coconut and sodium. What is that metabisulfite? That’s a preservative, pecans erythritol monkford extract butter, which is made with cream and natural flavor and cinnamon.

Those are the ingredients. I love that, like you, don’t even get into the sweetener until like line number at the bottom again the natural flavors coming in the butter yeah. So it does say, contains tree nuts and milk allergy warning. It’s processing a facility that handles peanuts, soy, milk, wheat tree nuts and eggs. I mean obviously, if you’ve got a nut, allergy yep. So a serving size of this is a third of a cup or 30 4.

5 grams and there’s 190 calories per serving 18 grams of total fat 5 grams of protein 10 total carbohydrates, ok, 4 grams of fiber 4 grams of sugar alcohol, making it 2 net carb Per serving, that is nice, and I love the fact that a regular total carb is only ten total carbs. Well – and the thing is, is that by not having a bunch of peanuts in here, you’re helping to keep the carbs down they’re using like some really like you know, keto friendly nuts and seeds right so look before we get into.

I got my laptop over here before we get into actually tasting it. They have three different flavors, I’m using my laptop like an iPad and trying to scroll my finger okay, so we have a cocoa one. We have a plain one, which is this one right: okay, which is cinnamon almond pecan, and then we have one with blueberries, blueberry now, there’s something that I’ve been looking for and now just curious. Let’s click on that, even though we’re taking some time.

Let’s, just I want to see if we can see on here what the blueberry is: it’s an actual blueberry or if it is a lab, nutritionally berry the nutrition dehydrated blueberries in everyone: okay, okay, so real quick prices, two bags $ 25 of either any of the Flavors or you can get three bags where it’s one of each flavor for $ 35, we’re not affiliated with them, but I did tell them that we wouldn’t do a review unless they offered some kind of a coupon code for like our subscribers.

So the coupon code is too crazy, Kito’s, ten, okay, that gets you 10 % off. If you buy it directly from their website and there’s a link down below and that’s including the bundle the 3-pack yeah. He just said it’s 10 % off all right. So that’s an additional savings: oh yeah! Okay, so you ready, we’ve got our scale here with a bowl. I definitely think you want to weigh it out. I always like weighing out, because you know what what’s the third of a cup you know you could easily I’m a member.

I never care it right across the tear. I was hurt too low and then you rip the Ziploc and then it’s okay. So this is what it looks like thanks. Mom smells, oh wow, that is so amazing, very cinnamony. So let’s what do we say? Thirty, four point: five grams himself. Actually it’s like that honey type of cinnamon smell. Yes, it’s a nice little bit. Oh that’s a little bit too much. There’s 30 34 runs yeah.

Okay. So, let’s see if we can get this to focus so that is up as we’re spilling it that’s a serving and it is little pieces, it’s not like big chunks, but that’s going to work. Good as a cereal yeah, you ready there is a nice little look at it. Look at that little pecan in there yeah you’re. Definitely seeing what they’re saying yeah. So there it’s it’s granola, it’s a small serving, I even remember, pre kedo granola was always a small serving if you went by the serving size serving size.

I probably I would honestly just use this as a snack or putting it on top of ice cream ice cream. Of course, I’m going to tell you even cereal as a small serving yes, if you eat it my way and not just keyed out regular stuff everywhere. But what I like about this is a snack is if it’s little pieces, I’m playing with it, but it’s like little pieces. It allows you a long time. Well, this would be great in a salad.

Yes, you ready, oh just grab a handful and wow, that’s good! That has a really nice mouthfeel. It’s not going to break your teeth off. Mm-Hmm mmm, it’s very nutty! It’s not nutty, but it’s also very buttery yeah, it’s very nutty. It’s very buttery. The sunflower seeds really come through and it’s not um all stuck together and no. I want another bite yeah. That is good, I’m going back in wow. That is really good.

I don’t know about it as a cereal mmm, but it’s a snack like this. You know what I would totally make you put this on top of them. You know that, like faux sweet, potato pie, Raffy that you have that um is made of pumpkin maple pumpkin cauliflower, it’s so good, because this tastes very fall-like, very pumpkin spice taste. Put that on top – Oh Mike, I’m actually thinking about that right now, yeah that actually wasn’t my recipe that was Kito, Connect.

Trust me, it’s really good. It tastes just like sweep it to naturally potato that you have a Thanksgiving, they nailed it, they nailed it, but instead of you’re putting that pecan topping on a puttin this on top cause, you have all different kinds of nice: buttery yeah, it’s not overly sweet either. There’s a hint of sweetness, but it’s not super sweet and I’m not like eating a kid’s sweetened two cereal: Oh No paint them sweetness.

This is tasty. Do you want to do our five things for you, five things? So if you’re new to our blog, we review all products based on five things. We talked about the ingredients desi keto, based on a nutritional label. How does it taste, how much does it cost and finally, would we recommend it so number one, the ingredients, the ingredients are great. A lot of these granola companies are really using integrity with their packaging they’re, not trying to put a bunch of junk in it and they know we’re checking the ingredients.

I really really like the ingredients on this, because there is nothing in here except for nuts seeds. A little bit of sweetener for the erythritol in the monk fruit, but there is no like preservative agents other than whatever is actually in with the coconut chips. There’s no like sunflower, lecithin! There’s! None of that stuff is added in here to sweeten it up to make a cake more anything like that.

No, this is like really really really clean ingredients. Yeah so number two does a keto based on the nutrition label. I would say so yeah. It definitely does, but you know when it comes to anything regarding a nut you’re going to have to do portion control yeah like you’re, going to have to be on top of that yeah we’re. Looking at 190 calories, 18 grams of fat you’ve got 5 grams of protein 10 total carbohydrates, which, even if you’re a total car person.

That is not bad because it means Henry we’ve stuck her hand in here, two or three times apiece and there’s a decent amount left in there and we’re doing like grabbing right Bunch, we’re not just grabbing like to lassie. So I think it’s really good nutrition. Facts really good nutrition, facts, yeah, okay, so number three. How does it taste? It is very tasty. I don’t have some sort of like weird cooling effect, yeah um, it’s it’s very clean tasting.

I like the fact that they haven’t added a bunch of stuff to keep it all cake together and get together. You don’t if you’re used to granola, it has like big chunks in it. This one doesn’t. These are like literally like individual pieces that have just been coated in some like cinnamon, really love that, yes, I don’t know, I mean it, it tastes very fresh, yeah right now it is a little different if you’re used to like granolas like a stoker granola or The stoker granola bars it doesn’t have that overly sweet taste when you would go to the store and buy granolas that I might chocolate chips or stuff like that.

This is a very nutty seedy taste with a hint of sweetness, but I love it and I think, honestly, of all of the granolas that we’ve tried. I think this would cereal the best fit because it stays individual see. I like the cereal chunky, but as far as flavor, I don’t know because you got the pumpkin seeds, but the smell I think, stop smelling. They need to make it a candle. I mean this smell. It really smells like a fresh bag of like a cinnamon granola.

It’s funny like how much of a difference it makes when there’s not a lot of extra ingredients to make it last for 20 years and ya know I love it. Yeah and this bag actually is. Does stay right on here is April. 15. 2020. That’s going to be a fresh way. There is zero chance. That’s lasting in this house that long so number four. How much does it cost we did review? We did talk about me: open unlock, my computer.

So again, it’s $ 25 for two bags or 35 for three bags, so normally 1250, a bag yep, which is not so there’s a line. If that would be what 1250 a bag there’s nine servings in this bag today. What is that? I don’t know? I don’t have my calculator easily accessible in my computer. What is that about a dollar 20 about a serving or something like that reasonable? I think that’s pretty reasonable, so finally, number five.

Would we recommend this? I would definitely recommend this, but I’m telling you you want this to not be like your only snack. I feel like I mean it’s just for me, I’m a I’m a portion person. So if you pour this out in like this, is your snack Rachel, I feel like I’m going to be dissatisfied like I wanted more. I think I’m the opposite, because I’m somebody who loves bars right bars are probably my biggest go-to snack, whether I’m on the road or at home at night, and I’m just like.

I just want a snack. I want something to top off. My fat I’ll grab a bar, but I can eat that bar pretty quickly, whereas if I pour down a serving of this, which is going to be about equal to a bar as far as calories as far as fat, I can just sit here with just a Couple pieces of their time and chew on it almost like popcorn, it’s going to last me along well. For me, I’m going to use it as like in my salads, that’s going to add a tremendous amount of flavor to salads um! Definitely going to top my ice cream in it and I’ll tell you what else.

If I have a little bit of nut butter, I may use like you know, half a serving or something I would roll a little glob of nut butter and top it with that and make a little peanut butter ball. That’s a good idea! Well, that is our article for tonight again they did give us a coupon code, for you guys we’re not affiliates with them. No on the coupon code is too crazy. Cheetos 10 I’ll leave a link down below, so you can get right to their website to use it um.

If you like. What you saw today do this, but hit that like button down below and don’t forget to subscribe to our blog and hit the little bell icon that way, every single time we upload a new article, you’ll be alerted to it until next time, bye,




Doesn’t it come along with me? Let’s get started. Brownies are amazing, and these brownies are particularly amazing, because there are no bake, so they have all the taste and consistency of brownies but of course, their Kido and also it’s very simple. It has five ingredients and it only takes a minute to whip up a batch.

So hopefully you will enjoy them. I used a sifter for the first time in a really long time. I used to use the sifter all the time when I was a sad diet Baker, but this was my first time using a sifter for the keto diet and I really felt like it helped with the consistency of the almond flour, and I wish that I had Used the sifter to sift my sweetener and my cocoa powder. So hopefully you couldn’t learn lesson for me and sift all three ingredients when you make these brownie bites so come along with me and let’s get started so to start our brownie bites.

You just need a small to medium sized bowl and we are going to put six tablespoons of almond flour in here, but I’m going to be using my sifter. I just find that it makes it super fine. So I’m going to put my six tablespoons of almond. Flour in here and I’m going to sift them into my bowl, so six tablespoons to three five. This is going to give our brownie bites a nice fine texture and we got the suggestion to use a sifter from Christy Davis.

So thank you very much Christy. It is definitely making it super fine, I don’t know if you can tell, but it is really fine perfect and I’m going to stop there, and I don’t know if you can see in my sifter all the big chunks that just don’t like to break down are Left and your sister sifting is also very good if we were going to be using by baking powder for biscuits or some of our other dishes. You can sift all your dry ingredients together and that way everything is very well incorporated.

So our next step is baking. Cocoa, you can use pure cacao, you can just use regular baking cocoa, but you needed to be unsweetened, and this is just 100 % cocoa and we need six tablespoons of that as well. Then we need to add some sweetener and I’m going to be using two different kinds of sweetener. Just because I have the two kinds of sweetener and because I find that sometimes your throat all can have a bit of a cooling effect.

And so I’m going to be using a little bit of the monk fruit erythritol blend, but I’m also going to be using a little bit of a yellows because I have both of them. So I want three tablespoons of each and of course you can do this to your own sweetness preference. If you like it less sweet, you could add less if you like it more sweet and cut out more, I’m just going to incorporate that in. I guess I could have sifted that sweetener because it’s looking a little bit like it’s in balls, I’m going to add a little bit of vanilla, extract.

Whoops and my little cardboard piece went in there and I’m going to add about a teaspoon. You could use a different flavor than this if you wanted, if you wanted to add orange in it or raspberry, they make all different kinds of extracts. If you want it to flavor your keto brownie bites with a different flavor. Besides vanilla, you absolutely could. I also need about five tablespoons of softened butter, five tablespoons of softened butter, and I’m just going to start mixing that around and get everything incorporated into our butter and depending on where you live, your butter may be too hard or too soft to incorporate everything.

Well, so I’m going to pop this into my microwave for just a couple of seconds to assist our butter and melting. Now, if you have the opposite circumstance, you can absolutely pop this into the freezer for a couple of minutes to make your butter just a bit harder. Okay, everything is coming more into a ball now and that’s what we want now, I’m going to add just a few chopped walnuts. I’ve chopped some here very finely because I liked my brownies with nuts when I was a car beater.

So I’m just going to put a little bit in there. We don’t need too much just to give our brownie bites a little bit of a crunch. You can omit nuts look at add nuts, you could use pecans, you could put chocolate chips in here. You could clip coconut in here. You could pretty much do whatever you want. These are a blank canvas okay, so I have my brownie batter. If you will here in my bowl and I’m going to get my cookie baller and I’m going to start scooping them onto my tray, so I have my little quarter sheet baking tray here and I have just lined it with my silicone mat.

I’r going to take my cookie scoop. We have a cookie scoop in our favorites on Amazon and they’re quite inexpensive, but they do tend to help make things a similar size. So I’m just going to start scooping my little brownie bites onto my mat, trying to make them. Even it all depends on how large you scoop them and how many you will get after we have scooped these. We are going to let them sit in our refrigerator.

For about five to ten minutes and make sure that they are thoroughly set up and then as soon as they are, you can store these. You could store them in a baggie or you could just store them in a container and they should keep nicely in the refrigerator for several days. You could also freeze them if you want it and then just get one out of the freezer. When you want a little treat and kind of, let it soften up and get to room temperature again, and I think I might let CJ count these when we’re done, because apparently my counting skills are negligible, they look like little tiny brownies.

Hopefully they will taste like little tiny brownies. Sometimes you just want a little bite of something, and I don’t have enough at the bottom to make one more ball. So I’m just going to leave this for the cook to eat later. So here we have our keto brownie bites and it’s nice because you do not have to bake them. So they’re, almost like a fat bomb, an advanced fat bomb, all right CJ. How many do we have eleven seems to be my number all right, so eleven keto brownie bites are going to go into the refrigerator for about five to ten minutes and then we’ll have a taste test.

Okay, they’ve been in the refrigerator for 10 minutes. So now I’m going to put a couple of them on a plate for CJ to have a taste. How excited you are about brownies icj, hi, brownies, brownie, bites sure brownie bites brownie balls brownie bombs, whatever you want to call them yeah. They look good all right. So these have been in the refrigerator for about 10-15 minutes and they kept their shape.

Mm-Hmm we’re good they’re um sweet, not much of a cooling flavor. What color do you brew at all? So maybe they are your lows: help balance it out, but no they’re good. The rich really got a good chocolate flavor, but not too much and so be a good way to satisfy your sweet tooth, yeah yeah, and it’s hard to believe that these are no baked. Then this is pretty simple, so yeah. I think this is a winner and I think people will like it bye thanks for joining us again tonight.

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Sometimes we have what we eat on keto, so be sure knit the notification bell so that you’ll be notified when those articles go out. We’d also like you to join us on our social media, we’re on Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and a lot of times we post teaser photos there with post photos of previous recipes that we have done and that we might be eating for dinner that night. So it gives you an opportunity to continue to see some of our other recipes that you might have missed out on, especially if you’re a new subscriber all of our information recipes.

Nutritional information and other things can also be found on our blog, and that is cjs. Keto kitchen comm so head on over there and visit that site as well. We hope that you’ll come back and we’ll see you next time. I’r CJ Co kitchen. You




Is today’s article I’m going to show you how to make my gluten free mint chocolate chip cookies? So this has been of our blog for a couple of years and I’m just now getting around to making a article on how to make these. And one of the reasons why I wanted to make a article is because I get a lot of questions about these cookies and in a minute, I’ll show you what the biggest question is.

But this is a very simple recipe and of course, if you want to make it, you can go over to my blog and there’s a principal recipe that you can print out at home. So let me go ahead and show you what’s in this cookies and then I’ll show you how to get them put on the baking sheet. In the meantime, I have my oven preheating to 350 degrees. So in this mixing bowl I have one and a half cups of powdered sugar and to that I’m going to add five tablespoons of dark cocoa.

Now you don’t have to use dark. That’s just what I prefer, so you can use a lighter one, but I like these to be very chocolatey. Let’s put that in then to that I’m going to add two egg whites that I’ve already separated and then we need to add a quarter teaspoon of salt and a teaspoon of vanilla. I mean I’m sorry peppermint extract and you want to get peppermint extract unless you just like mint mint, is more of that spearmint taste.

So look for peppermint extract and if you don’t like peppermint, then you can always make these with. Like orange extract or just vanilla, extract, I’ve made them both ways and they’re delicious if you like, that orange chocolate flavor, but for this I’m using peppermint extract now, I’m going to go ahead and stir these together, and this is kind of the part that I get A lot of questions on I like to use a deep Bowl like this and you’ll, hear me mention that in a lot of my recipes, because this kind of takes a minute to mix together the egg whites it just takes a second for them to kind of Start absorbing all this, the dry ingredients, and so for a second there.

It might look like they’re not actually going to mix together, but you’ll see it. It starts to come together and then everything gets absorbed pretty well and then you’ll look you’ll end up with what looks like kind of like a brownie batter almost. But if you just be patient, you’ll see that it’s it comes together and it’s it gets to be kind of runny almost so at this point, this is where, when I originally made this recipe, I would add the chocolate chips, but after making them several times – and You could still do that so, if you want to just throw these in at this point, go ahead and do that, but after making them, I have found out that it’s a little bit easier to portion these out.

If you do it the way that I’m going to show you – and hopefully, if you do it this way, they’ll come out more round, then kind of odd shaped. So one of the biggest questions that I get about this is: why do these cookies spread so much or what can I do to prevent them from spreading so much so, first of all, for this type of cookie you’re going to want to use a silicone mat. You can use parchment paper if that’s all you have, but this is what I recommend, because the bottom of the cookie is going to be kind of sticky and you can peel them off the parchment paper.

But there are a lot easier to peel off of off of this silicone. So when you bake the cookies, you only want to do six on a tray at a time, and that is because the cookies do spread while they’re baking, okay. So what I’m going to do is I have a cookie scoop, and this is one tablespoon of of the batter. So I’m going to put six mounds over the dough onto this cookie sheet. You can see it’s already starting to spread and when these cookies bake they’re going to be a lot bigger than this they’re going to turn out a lot larger and you’ll see when I come back and show them to you after they’re done, you should be able To get about 12 cookies out of this recipe, now I’m going to take a toothpick now this is just if you want to be extra and you want your cookies to be perfectly round.

This will help I’m just going to kind of shape them with this toothpick into kind of more of a round shape if they don’t look round enough and I’m not going to fool with them too much just the ones that I think might come out. Super lopsided and then I’m going to sprinkle chocolate chips on top of each one. Now again, you can just put the chocolate chips in with the the batter before you put them onto the sheet, but I just feel like this doing it.

This way, kind of makes a prettier cookie. So if you want a pretty cookie like if you’re going to take it to a party or something, then I would suggest doing it this way, these chocolate chips will will melt and kind of go down into it. Cookie, all right so just go back and make sure each one has enough on there, and this is like by no means healthy, cookie. I think a lot of times people see gluten-free and they think healthy.

This is literally just a way to get your chocolate fix and a cookie fix if you can’t eat gluten or wheat and they are really good. So I’m going to go put these in the oven and then when they’re done I’ll, bring it back and you can see what these look like. It took about 11 minutes for these to cook. In my oven, so you’ll want to check them about 10 minutes. They may take up to 12 minutes, maybe but somewhere right in there at 350, and I wanted to show you how these cookies look when you put them onto the baking sheet.

The way that I did earlier versus how they look. If you put the chocolate chips in the batter and then scoop everything out, you’ll see, these are are very round, which is the way that I, like things when I make cookies, I like everything to be kind of as perfect as I possibly can versus like this. You can see it’s just misshapen, it still tastes delicious. So again, if it doesn’t bother you you then don’t worry about it.

But if you are looking for a cookie, that’s going to come out nice and round, then this is how you would want to put them onto the cookie sheet. Also, let me make a correction when you use one tablespoon of batter per cookie you’re going to get about ten large cookies. If you use two teaspoons of batter, you’ll, probably get about 12 ish, maybe more, maybe one or two more than that cookies. So the one tablespoon is 10 cookies.

Now let these cool off, because they’re going to be kind of sticky a little bit on the bottoms, but if you let them cool off completely they’ll peel right off of this silicon mat. However, if you don’t have a silicon mat and you just have parchment paper, you will want to pick up the cookie with one finger here. Let me move this out the way, so I can show you we’re going to have to pretend that these are still kind of stuck to the parchment paper, but you’ll want to let them completely cool off and then just peel the cookie up gently with one hand, While pulling on the parchment paper with the other – and it should come off well, if it’s cooled all the way down, they should be pretty easy to come off.

But one of the things that I love about this cookie is that they stay good. For a few days and they’re actually better the next day, they’re, just like really chewy – and I don’t know like the mint flavor and the chocolate just kind of all, come together. So this is a even better the next day, type of cookie. So anyway, I really hope that you enjoyed this recipe again, find a printable link on my website so that you can just print it out.

And if you liked this article, give me a thumbs up, subscribe to my blog for more real, simple recipes until next time. Bye



How To Make Halloween Snack Mix | Snack | Six Sisters Stuff

And it’s very festive so today we’re going to take about two cups of chai mein noodles, and I like the ones that are rice, because they kind of look like dried up worms as gross as that is it’s festive. Then you have two cups of peanuts and I like the honey-roasted just because it makes it taste a little better about a half, a cup of white chocolate chips, half a cup of raisins, two cups of honey, nut cheerios and you can use any kind of honey Nut cheerios, it just looks like little eyeballs to me.

So that’s why I picked the Cheerios and then some just milk chocolate chips just because it’s the fun color and then about a half a cup of M & MS now I did the peanut, eminent or peanut butter eminem’s, because they’re my favorite, but I had to Buy a big bag and take out all the orange black ones, because I really wanted peanut butter and in mine, but you can just use normal eminence too. Okay, then you just mixed all together and there you have it it’s your Halloween snack mix and to display.

I put it in some sort of orange bowl with all kinds of spiders and snakes all around it. Anyways. Thank you for joining me today and, if you’d like to find out more halloween recipes or any other recipes check out our website at six sisters, stuff, calm,



LAST SCHOOL LUNCHES OF 2018!!!! 🙌🏽🙌🏽 | Packed Lunch Ideas | Kid Friendly Gluten Free

And a note Haven has the same thing as Haley and ashlynn wanted her leftover gluten-free pizza from the other night. She has a juice box and green peppers and grapes and gluten-free pretzels and a note and applesauce, and she has some cookies and Hailey and field trip.

Today, eat on a bus. What was your favorite thing and what did you eat? What was your favorite, the white peppers peppers now for Tuesday lunch, the kids have Bologna and cheese grapes. Again, I’m a couple: green peppers and tomatoes. This is Haley’s the juice box, some popcorn, a fruit and green bar and fruit. Snacks Peyton has the same lunch, just no tomatoes, but everything else. Oh no. He has a different um.

He wanted fruit and green, so he has a granola bar and then, instead of a sandwich, ashlynn has pickles and ham. Those are two pieces of ham rolled up, so that’s six pieces right there. She has tomatoes and green peppers and grapes, and some popcorn a juice box, a Latino fruit and green bar and some fruit snacks, and we have this little man and help me pack today you see your brother, you got your baby, wants you yeah everybody’s got a Baby around here today, because my god yeah then there’s some your baby right there I did pretty good.

Today, you did um Brianna’s same thing as me: yeah, you think you just need a little bit more for Wednesday. Lunch Haley has peanut butter and jelly. Are these naked juices, a chocolate pudding, cucumbers and green peppers, an apple and some chips? Hayden has the same. An ashlynn mom has a different drink. Ashlynn has gluten-free bread, but peanut butter and jelly, and she has the same. Everything is a real baby.

That’s her baby! It’s loud and here’s our baby there’s my other baby baby sitting near babies in there and your backpack, and if you missed his birth story article I will link it up here and also down below in the description box. You guys can go, read it. It’s nothing! Fancy, it’s me, no hair done no hair. I have hair, but my hair is up. It’s not done and no makeup, and it’s just me sitting on the couch nursing him talking about our of our story.

But it’s interesting. I put up a bunch of pictures of him in a NICU and stuff, so you guys can go read that eat everything, ain’t everything. What was your favorite? Oh hey! Are you dancing? Oh you both match today, brother with your unicorn outfit. Look at sissy shirt. What’s on your shirt and the big kids went out with their dad, he came and picked them up to take him to get a haircut and probably take them up to dinner so yeah.

This is everything she told me what her favorite was before she left. What I forgot was open, so um and Hayden ate mostly everything I eat more than him for Thursday lunch, the kids have wraps I’m either out of bread, or I can’t find it in the freezer and Gary’s not home, to dig in the freezer for us. So wraps they’re getting they are having chicken. I had shredded chicken in the fridge so they’re having lettuce with shredded chicken prevalent she and bacon, and then I gave them ranch so they can dip it in a cheese.

Stick. Sorry Haley has a yoghurt, Ritz crackers and a juice box and vanilla wafers for her dessert. Hayden has the same thing as Haley. Just instead of yogurt, he has applesauce, everything else is the same and then ashlynn has a gluten-free wrap and those things are kind of. I don’t even know how they taste, but it’s like cardboard. I couldn’t even roll it up, so I don’t know if she’s going to be able to eat it, I’m just going to tell her to kind of eat it like a taco and dip it in there.

But she has the same stuff on it, just a different, wrap and then or I’ll tell her to just take off the wrap and eat the cheese and meat and stuff by itself, which is I’m going to guess what she’ll do um. She has celery and ranch yogurt. She has popcorn instead of Ritz crackers and cuz. This was a bag leftover from Gary’s lunch, the other day that he didn’t eat my juice box, and I did give her a couple vanilla wafers.

They are not gluten-free, but she only eats a couple. She should be okay, myself, one for lunch. Today it was good, hey mom’s, your favorite celery, yeah, it’s good! So this would you like your yeah ha tight, you’re up rain. I didn’t eat it cuz! I was about to eat it last, but I don’t have any time. Okay. So what was your favorite thing today? Celery hi, hi, hi, Wilder Ely. Had you had this one for Friday lunch, the kids have pizzas and they do have another one, I’m just letting them cool.

I’r going to put a piece of parchment paper in between that. I just made these important out of them. So they’re going to show these pizzas at juice box, there’s some peanut butter crackers. It just made Ritz crackers, I’m put peanut butter in between them. A Haley has a strawberry, cheesecake muffin and a couple Oreos and apple and celery leaf. Hayden has the same thing, except he has a chocolate chip, muffin and then ashlynn has gluten free pizza.

She has a gluten-free blueberry muffin and instead of crackers, she has a gluten free fruit and grain bar. So you all need those those crackers. Yes, they were just crackers and I put peanut butter finally, for this week, Haley age, what they had an early dismissal today and they both said that they had to eat a lot earlier and they weren’t that hungry at lunch. So what was your favorites? You got hurt son um, anybody guess what no more lunch articles for two weeks say: no more lunch bye! Oh thank you! So much for reading.

Please don’t forget to subscribe and enjoy these other articles we have coming up for you. Also. You can turn on the red Bell notifications, so you’re notified of every new article we post. Thank you so much



Keto Farms snack mix | Review & Giveaway

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Every single time we upload a new article, you’ll be alerted to it yeah. So today we’re going to review Quito farms, Quito snack Mac, and we have um samples them before in our Kido Kido kraid’s. We have three different flavors here we have a strawberry, Gouda Gouda and we have raspberry Gouda, which I think we’ve tried both of these them and then we also have which we have not tried this tomato pepper, jack kind of a savory.

This is a savory spicy. One I’m excited, and so I’m like super excited about this, but we were able to meet them at Kido con. It’s been a little while I mean this is the middle of August and we were aikido con the last weekend of June, but the summer flew by yeah, sorry flew by and we had so many articles and we really wanted to give this its own article, because It really is delicious and if you have been mixed missing, like a granola look or a trail met, trail mix, it’s or kind of a party mix for like a party that this is kind of what this is yeah.

Now, when we were at kita con, we did get to me Benjamin, who is one of the owners, so rachel had a chance to talk to him. So, let’s like roll that footage – and let you guys see like about the company starting hey guys, so this is from pedo farms and if you got a, we got in a review box, hey just a little sample of their. It was the to move the tomato. No, it was the raspberry it was delicious. I was super excited that they had more offerings yeah but tomato one.

It’s kind of like savory, and you know pepper jack, spicy, strawberry, Gouda and this stuff is crazy. Good. If you mix miss like snack mixed trail mix, that’s where things is crunchy crunchy yeah, that’s on keto, there’s not yeah! This is you’re not going to squish in and be like coconut oil. No, the delicious crunch that you’ve been missing. So what what’s got you started? How old is this business? The company is only a year old amazing, so we’ve been doing a lot of year and this product itself is only about six months old since January of this year.

Before that we had a line of instant keto beverages, pita lattes, a copy kiddo coffee, Aikido matcha, which were really delicious, and people really love yeah. But these are so simple. You just tear open a bag. You enjoy it. It has that crunch that we all miss from before keto and it’s really simple: it’s clean food. So in this bag you have crunchy strawberry slices, you have Gouda cheese and you have almonds and your pecans and that’s it well.

Mct oil and sea salt for seasoning. Just really clean ingredients. You can feel good about really but elegant. At the same time, it makes you think of, like I’m, going on a fight yeah. Well, I’m going to go on a hike to my couch and I just want to eat an entire bag. Full of this stuff, it’s so delicious, so in the future, we’re going to be seeing more from these guys, alright, so here farms you have to check them out like that.

What am I doin? Oh yeah, we just launched on Amazon like three weeks ago. So we’re really excited about that to just search keto farms on Amazon, we’ll leave a link down in the description. Exactly you’ll find us we’re running a coupon right now for five dollars off we’ll be doing that all of July, and then we can also do a special promo code for you guys as well. So people can really combine and save the most to try us.

That is awesome, so check them out on Amazon. So Benjamin was like an awesome guy super nice guy and I’m actually glad that we’re doing this article now because, as we head into football season, yep you’re looking for game day. Snacks, yes, and I think that this is a perfect option for it, because it’s not too sweet, but it’s got like a nice mix of flavors right like it’s. A great like you know, bar food is that is that a like a bar yeah, perfect bar bar food? That’s exactly what this is now now in that article.

Benjamin did mention that he would hook us up with a special code because he talked about a coupon code in July. Will July is gone, so I will message him and remind him that he said he would do something like that. If he does give me a coupon code, I will leave it here along the bottom of the screen. Okay, but you can get it directly on Amazon, but we’ll talk about that when we get to the review part.

But he did say when I was messaging him. We’re going to do a giveaway for this at the end of the article and we’re going to give away this flavor here, it’s like the one that we’ve never gotten before in Aikido create the tomato pepper jack nice. So you want to well how about we taste. This one, since we’ve already had these we have so the ingredients on this are Monterey: Jack cheese with jalapeno peppers, which consists of pasteurized milk and jalapeno peppers, cheese, cultures, salt and enzymes.

Then it has sprouted organic walnuts, sprouted traditional or transitional almonds, grape tomatoes, MCT oil, Coldwater sea salt and dried jalapeno, chili, very clean ingredients, new for cleaning gradients, yeah and does say – contains dairy milk and tree nuts and now for the servings. This bag is three and a half servings for one for Rachel, a third of a cup per serving which is 29 grams, 170 calories, 13 grams of fat, 4 grams of saturated fat, 7 grams of protein 5 grams of carbohydrates, 2 grams of dietary fiber.

So it is 3 net carbs per serving so a nice, Oh more fat than protein yep. So if you were to eat this, entire bag you’d be looking at what 12 13 and 1/2 carbs. If you ate the entire bag, that’s not terrible! At 13 and 1/2 net carbs, it would be like 17 total carbs, but that’s not a bad deal, especially when you consider what the carbs are now just to compare some of these other ones. I guess they’re all the same: yeah yeah they’re, all the same exact nutrition, nice.

So so just so, you want to go over the ingredients on these real quick. So this one is good. A cheese, ok, sprouted organic pecans. This one has walnuts, sprouted transitional almonds, same strawberries, MCT oil, cold, water, sea salt. The only difference with this one raspberries awesome. Ok, you ready Brit snack. Always it’s always a good time for snack. I also like the fact of these bags. I actually like this packaging.

It’s like seriously simple yeah. It looks like an artisanal snack mm-hmm. Ok, so let’s do this. I have a scale here. Ok before we do anything, let’s measure out a serving because they’re saying it’s a third of a cup and we actually have a third of a cup. No, I don’t have. I am. I want to see if it fits in that third of a cup, that’s a quarter of a cup over there. Okay, I don’t want to shortchange myself.

That is a servant. That’s a pretty decent circle! That’s a good serving now you can see in here. Let’s see we’re going to hold it up, so there’s different things in here. You have cheese, there’s Tomatoes, there’s nuts definitely see like the little dried. I can definitely see the pieces, here’s another kind of not what else is there walnuts? Oh there’s a moment: that’s pretty those are the different ingredients in there.

So if you can see that there, so I’m going to give you that, how you get something of everything I like it and I’m going to take so we got an almond, a pecan and walnut piece of cheese and a strawberry, no strawberry, a nut strawberry, a Tomato right, yep you’re, going to eat it all at once or one of them yeah. Don’t you come and eat this all at once, not uh you’re supposed to, but I have to have my legs separated.

Okay got it keep them separated. Why I had the walnut and it gives you a like a little. I can’t that’s what I got too. That’s got a carrot. I just realized now that we’re tasting something spicy that I have no drink. I did not plan this well mmm that dusting of jalapeno. It’s good is legit, okay tomato, not as good it’s, because it’s dried, it’s sweet mmm is it’s got ta. It’s got a sweet with a kick at the end because of the jalapeno.

Almost reminds me of like a sun-dried tomato geez, wow wow, that’s made. It was flavorful mm-hmm, but I mean spicy. It is legitimately spicy. Okay. Now, let’s do that mm-hmm! You got ta get all the flavors at one time: Oh ma’am, all right wow. That is like that cheese had some spice on it. It is like in my throat. Yes got ta have them all together. Mmm you get his mixture of flavors when you have them all together, wow, that is nice right yeah.

You want to eat them, one by one Bob, either way it’s a win that is delicious. That is awesome. That is great. That is nice know it like that. That’s a great party mix. These will be going in my truck, so I don’t have to share them with you uh-huh. No, I’m just kidding, guess what here’s, what these will be good as unsound. You always make fun of me by saying, like anything, that’s sweet, I top it with on top of an ice cream.

Well, our salads are generally spring lettuce right, and so you want to add a little bit of crunch to it perfect. This is perfect. Sounding look at the tomato in my scale. Okay, again, you want put this through five things. I think I think so, if you’re new to our blog, we review all products based on five things we talked about. The ingredients does a keto base of nutrition. How does it taste, how much does it cost and finally, would we recommend it yeah so number one, the ingredients, you cannot get higher ingredients, maybe if you grew the the trees yourself honestly, I will say this so I mean this is a bold statement.

We have tried a lot of keto products. You still have to say this is a processed product. It comes in a package yep, it’s not being pulled out of the ground. That’s right! It’s not just a piece of meat mm-hmm. This has to be the cleanest ingredients. On any keto packaged product that I have personally tasted to date, yeah because you’re, not even I don’t even see anything, that’s like a preservative.

No, there is no, it’s literally it’s like dried cheese, dried jalapeno, peppers, dried! You know, walnuts which are sprouted by the way. Then the nuts are sprouted dried tomatoes, empty tea, oil and cold water or sea salt. I mean I mean it’s just good. This has got to have the cleanest ingredient. There is some. Is there any copy on the back here and now not really just like what it is? It’s real food, better snacking tomatoes and spicy peppers, st pepper, jack, cheese, sprouted, almonds and walnuts.

I mean it. We make clean, convenient foods for healthy, keto living. So you can live and feel your best wherever life takes you and that’s a snack clean with real nourishing food satisfied cravings without sacrificing your health. It’s super super clean, like no kidding, cleanest ingredients. I’ve had in a processed product, yet yeah, okay, so number two. Does the keto based on a nutrition, definitely yeah 170 calories, 13 grams of fat 7 grams of protein 5 total carbohydrates, 3 net carbs.

So, even if you’re, a total carb person which most total car people eat like 20 to 30 total carbs, you could literally eat the entire bag and still only be lines still have plenty of carbs left for the day yeah, which is awesome right. I mean 15 total carbs. Have you eat the entire bag, a little bit more, any story crunchy and delicious, but it’s dried versus like fries, not like in some gross oil or anything like that.

It’s just great yep, so so number 3. How does it taste? They have nailed the flavor profile. Now we’ve had these other flavors before so we’re not trying them again today, because I want to keep them nice and sealed, and we have some small ones and from our like keto crates and stuff, but I have to say they’re really good at sweet too. So you’ve got like a little tart tart and sweet tangy, nough, strawberries or raspberries, and then you have that nice cheese and the nuts I mean it’s just really they’re very good at complementing one other, I’m really cuz.

I do like the sweet ones, but I really like this cuz. Sometimes you want a savory like all the ketose snacks out. There are sweet right right, cookies bars things like that, and the most savory thing you ever get is like cheese, snacks, and sometimes they are too salty things like yeah. You know wisps and stuff like that yeah. This has just a real nice flavor yep, so yeah taste is awesome. Number four.

How much does it cost? Should I brace myself it’s not too bad, especially when you consider what’s in it, so you buy them on Amazon. Then it’s $ 25 for three bags. So about so it’s about $ 8, a bag right just about $ 8 a bag. They do have a subscribe and save coupon and he does put them on sale every once. While I will leave a link down below and you can buy it four different ways. You can buy three bags of the tomato pepper jack, which is for some reason and labeled on Amazon as jalapeno cuz.

I was like who’s their fourth flavor, but it’s not when you click on the jalapeno, it’s the tomato, pepper jack. Then it’s got. You get three bags of the strawberry Gouda. You can get three bags of the raspberry good up or you can get a combo where it’s one of each bag have we definitely recommended the combo get the combo yeah no, but I will leave a link for that down below and again we’re not affiliates with Them all we just really really enjoy it and they were super nice guys and again I love the fact of their.

Why and I love the fact that it’s just like two guys from within the community, like I’m, going to come up with a good, healthy snack. Well and they’re just they’re definitely packaging this stuff with integrity, yep, good stuff, so number five. Would we recommend it absolutely we would. It is a bit pricey, eight dollars bag, but again you’re paying for a good, healthy snack. I mean a lot of times.

We are going and buying moon, cheese and stuff like that and paying you know three four or five dollars for an individual serving bags right and I mean, and that stuff is delicious. But this has got like a very like fancy-pants taste profile going on yeah and as we go into the like the fall and you have to bring something you know to add to like the the potluck table and you want to bring a little snack.

This is really nice. People will SuperDuper appreciate that right and again, like I’ve started to do with a lot of things, I’m starting to break it down per serving so eight dollars a bag, there’s three and a half servings. So really I’m looking at there’s three servings right. You know who’s using a half a serving. I know you know. So what does that come out to be like just about what 250 or servings 275 or serve a weird like at a bar that you’re out of our price again? So it’s not like super bad? No, it’s not crazy! Well, that is our article for today.

Let us know down in the comments section if you have ever tried keto farms and if you have what your favorite flavor is, because we want to give them away yeah, that’s right. I forgot we’re giving them away. So Brandon said that we can give away the tomato pepper jack, so we’re going to do the same thing. We always do these they’re going to actually directly mail it to you a fresh fact. All you have to do is subscribe to our Channel hit the like button on this article nice and then leave a comment.

Yeah right, oh and you have to be live in the continental United States to enter. So any comment will ending in the giveaway we’ll run it for one week, we’ll put the data clock across the bottom right here for when we’re going to end the giveaway I’d be interested to know where would you be taking the snack mix? Are you taking into the movies? Are you sharing it with a friend you’re going to enjoy it? While you read football, the foosball, if you’ve readed the waterboy but yeah? Where are you eating this? That sounds good, so that is our article.

But today, if you liked, what you saw, do favorite hit the like button down below and don’t forget to subscribe to our blog and hit the little bell icon in that way, every single time we upload a new article, you’ll be able to do it until next Time, bye,



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